Ash Furrow

Exploring the Pain Points of iOS

100 Years Ago

So obviously I’m kind of into photography (a friend used to say I’m obsessed, but now I’ve gotten him into it, too). I love photography. I love reading about it. I love doing it. I love thinking about it. Every aspect of making a photo, from conception to capture to constitution.


Price of Film

If your electricity bill increased, would you pay it? Probably. I mean, most people would. The increase in price wouldn’t spark a decision about whether or not you should continue to have a electric connection at home. It is just a fact of contemporary life.

When I first tried film photography, it was a way to explore the medium. When I made the switch to primarily shoot analogue photography, it wasn’t really a decision I made as much as it was the direction of the course I was on. There wasn’t much I could do to affect it.


Get out and Shoot

Been in a bit of a rut lately. Lots of reasons – stress, working a lot, travel exhaustion, etc. I actually wrote an entirely different blog post about hopelessness yesterday, but it was kind of a downer, so I decided not to publish it.


Documentary Follow-Up

Really happy to share the news that the documentary on the gender gap in the software scene that I blogged about recently got funded today. Really awesome news.


Why is this Difficult?

Take a ride with me in the way-back machine. It was July in the year of 2014. Times were different – simpler – they didn’t even have iPhone 6’s! A team of documentarians had a goal to create a documentary about software and its cultural impacts on society. Pretty cool, huh? So they put it up for Crowdfunding and easily reach their goal of $100,000. They actually reach 163% of their goal, and kudos to them.


Functional Programming in Swift

Yesterday, I gave a talk at NSSpain titled “The Future of Functional Programming in Swift”. Slides are up here and the sample code is on GitHub.


Challenging Established Dogma

I’ve been a longtime believer in the power of challenging established dogma and authority. Just ask my mom – she’ll tell you what a little pest I was growing up.

When I was young, my grandmother was a huge influence on me and encouraged me to question the authoritative aspects of society. Later, I met a high school teacher who introduced me to literary critical theory, which kind of sparked everything about who I am today.

So it’s with some disgust that I recently realized that I have become an “authority” in my field. Ew.

Let’s back up a minute.


Your First Swift App

This morning I launched my new Swift book, Your First Swift App. It’s a work-in-progress that will be updated as I write more chapters; currently, the first three of eleven are finished. All of the code is available on GitHub and will be updated as I go. Anyone who bought the older version for iOS 6/7 with Objective-C should have already received a coupon for a free copy of the Swift version.


Anyone Can Learn

I’ve started a project called “AnyoneCanLearn”. You can read the information there for the goals and values and everything; this blog post isn’t about promoting it or explaining it. It’s about providing my motivation.



So yesterday happened. This happened. Ugh. Whatever. Apple’s made bad decisions before and they’ve survived.

But this is not a post discussing the Watch. Well, it is, sort of. I want to talk about the event itself.