Ash Furrow

Exploring the Pain Points of iOS

ReactiveCocoa with Swift

I just finished giving a presentation at MBLTDev, a conference in Moscow about mobile app development. The audience seemed receptive to the message and I got some interesting questions afterward.


Fresh Coat of Paint

A few months ago, I felt something change. I remember it precisely: I asked a friend for advice designing a portfolio section of my website, and I couldn’t implement his suggestions. This wasn’t the first time that tools have limited my ability to express my ideas on the web, but it was a catalyst for what you see today: a brand new website.


100 Years Ago

So obviously I’m kind of into photography (a friend used to say I’m obsessed, but now I’ve gotten him into it, too). I love photography. I love reading about it. I love doing it. I love thinking about it. Every aspect of making a photo, from conception to capture to constitution.


Price of Film

If your electricity bill increased, would you pay it? Probably. I mean, most people would. The increase in price wouldn’t spark a decision about whether or not you should continue to have a electric connection at home. It is just a fact of contemporary life.

When I first tried film photography, it was a way to explore the medium. When I made the switch to primarily shoot analogue photography, it wasn’t really a decision I made as much as it was the direction of the course I was on. There wasn’t much I could do to affect it.


Get out and Shoot

Been in a bit of a rut lately. Lots of reasons – stress, working a lot, travel exhaustion, etc. I actually wrote an entirely different blog post about hopelessness yesterday, but it was kind of a downer, so I decided not to publish it.


Documentary Follow-Up

Really happy to share the news that the documentary on the gender gap in the software scene that I blogged about recently got funded today. Really awesome news.


Why is this Difficult?

Take a ride with me in the way-back machine. It was July in the year of 2014. Times were different – simpler – they didn’t even have iPhone 6’s! A team of documentarians had a goal to create a documentary about software and its cultural impacts on society. Pretty cool, huh? So they put it up for Crowdfunding and easily reach their goal of $100,000. They actually reach 163% of their goal, and kudos to them.


Functional Programming in Swift

Yesterday, I gave a talk at NSSpain titled “The Future of Functional Programming in Swift”. Slides are up here and the sample code is on GitHub.


Challenging Established Dogma

I’ve been a longtime believer in the power of challenging established dogma and authority. Just ask my mom – she’ll tell you what a little pest I was growing up.

When I was young, my grandmother was a huge influence on me and encouraged me to question the authoritative aspects of society. Later, I met a high school teacher who introduced me to literary critical theory, which kind of sparked everything about who I am today.

So it’s with some disgust that I recently realized that I have become an “authority” in my field. Ew.

Let’s back up a minute.


Your First Swift App

This morning I launched my new Swift book, Your First Swift App. It’s a work-in-progress that will be updated as I write more chapters; currently, the first three of eleven are finished. All of the code is available on GitHub and will be updated as I go. Anyone who bought the older version for iOS 6/7 with Objective-C should have already received a coupon for a free copy of the Swift version.