Ash Furrow

Exploring the Pain Points of iOS


So yesterday happened. This happened. Ugh. Whatever. Apple’s made bad decisions before and they’ve survived.

But this is not a post discussing the Watch. Well, it is, sort of. I want to talk about the event itself.


Shooting Film

I’ve been blogging recently about photography, and a few readers have asked me questions about the tools that I use to make photos. I think it’s an idea worth exploring, and I’d like to explain (not justify) my reasoning for relying on film photography.

Many film photographers will insist that film has a different “feel” to it – that the images captured with it are inherently different from those captured on digital. I think they’re right, but that’s not the reason I choose to use film.


Exploring UIAlertController

This morning, I was working on the sample app for Moya, a network abstraction framework that I’ve built on top of Alamofire. I needed a way to grab some user text input, so I turned to UIAlertView. Turns out that that’s deprecated in favour of UIAlertController. Hmm.


Photographic Rut

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m in a bit of a photographic rut. Not taking as many photos, not developing them as quickly, and not posting anything when I do. It’s been going on since about April, which is a shame. This past week, though, I’ve made an effort to get out there and take some photos. It’s been hard, since I’ve been sick for the past four days, but fresh air helps, even if it’s just a ten-minute stroll around the block. And I always make sure I have a camera with me.


Copenhagen/Warsaw Tour

Last week, my wife and I returned from a trip to Copenhagen, then Warsaw. I spoke at two meetups in the cities, got to visit some new places, and take some photos. It was a really great trip.


Solving Problems the Swift Way

Recently, I was asked to speak at SwiftCrunch, the first ever Swift hackathon. I gave a talk on solving problems using idiomatic Swift; that is, how do we solve problems “the Swift way”?


Sharing is Selfish

OK, OK, not all sharing is selfish, of course. A more accurate headline would have been Sharing Can Be Selfish, but I could have written Four Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Sharing Makes You Rich, so count your blessings.

So let’s talk about the selfish benefits of sharing knowledge. To do so, we’ll have to define what that actually means.


The Redemption of the Almost-Gamer

A few years ago (Jesus – has it been that long?), I wrote a blog post about being an “almost gamer”, in which I discussed something that John Siracusa brought up on Hypercritical. In his followup on the subsequent episode, he actually read my post, in part, and replied on air.


Plans for Swift Books

So WWDC happened, and we were all blown away by Swift. Yay Swift! And one of my reactions afterward was “I want to write a book on this”, because that’s apparently what I do now. So I created this page where you can register for updates when the book is launched.


SwiftCrunch Hackathon

After WWDC, once Swift had been announced, I was contacted by some developers in Poland who wanted to organize the first ever Swift hackathon. Really neat idea – and they wondered if I was interested in giving the keynote.