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Index Card Q&A

The other day, I read a really interesting blog post discussing Q&A sessions after presentations. I highly recommend reading the article, but the gist is that you get audience members to write questions anonymously on index cards, instead of asking them in front of the rest of the audience.

It sounded like an awesome idea, so I tried it last night.


Swift Panel

A few weeks ago, during WWDC week, I was honoured to participate in a panel discussion with some awesome people at Realm. The video of the discussion, and transcript, are available online.



In the summer between my first and second year at university, my girlfriend Ashley and I sat down in the shitty living room of my shitty sublet and watched a new episode of Doctor Who. The episode’s name was Blink, and it is a fantastic piece of television – for many reasons.


Outdated but not Obsolete

While in San Francisco last week, I had a great conversation with a friend. Actually, I had a lot of those, but this one in particular got me thinking.


WWDC 2015 Keynote Reactions

Today kicked off WWDC 2015 with two exciting keynotes: the “Keynote” keynote, and the State of the Union keynote, which is really meant for developers. Why the keynote of an event named “World Wide Developer’s Conference” would be targeted at journalists is a topic for another time.

So what happened?


Apple Watch

Since its announcement, I’ve been a skeptic of the Apple Watch. However, except for some reactions from the initial watch event, I stopped talking publicly about it. Not because I thought I was wrong, but because talking shit about the watch would serve no point.


Art for Your Own Sake

There are a lot of photographers out there – ones I really respect – who recommend shooting on one camera, using one lens. The reasons they often cite are definitely compelling.


From Proposal to Applause: How I Public Speaking

Yesterday at UIKonf, I gave a presentation on Teaching and Learning, which described the beginning of my own career (surrounding blogging), reasons why you should blog, and some first steps to get started.

It was well-received and after the talk, several people asked me to share how I prepare and present conferences talks. So here we are.


On Turning 27

So I turned 27 last week. And I’m doing that thing where you do a write-up of your year. Orta’s idea, and I really like it. I started last year and found the exercise to be cathartic and helpful.


Production Swift

Before I left Europe, I gave a talk at dotSwift, one of the first conferences focusing exclusively on Apple's new programming language.