Ash Furrow

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Resolving GitHub Merge Conflicts

So you’ve seen an opportunity to improve an open source project and you’ve submitted a pull request – awesome! Whether it’s a typo fix, added documentation, or maybe some code, pull requests from the open source community are what keep a project alive.


Darkroom Printing

A few weeks ago, I participated in NYCWLK, a darkroom workshop and photo walk. I had been looking forward to this all summer – darkroom printing is arcane, requires equipment and chemicals, and a dark room. Having someone experienced there to show me the ropes in the Bushwick Community Darkroom was the perfect way to try it out. Johnny Patience was great, and I learned a tonne.


Twitter Anger

I’ve struggled a a bunch with being angry on Twitter. I’ll feel angry and share that anger with the world, which isn’t something I want to do. I think it’s usually related to my depression. When I’m having trouble feeling my own emotions, it’s hard to relate to others and empathize with them, so I tweet things I normally wouldn’t. I always regret it later.

The worst part is, Twitter rewards anger with followers, with favourites, and with retweets.


CocoaPods' Lasting Impact

I’ve written before about how CocoaPods isn’t a dependency manager, but rather that CocoaPods makes a dependency manager.


Building Swift Playground Books

When I heard about Swift playground books during WWDC, I was super excited about what kinds of new ways people could learn to code. And not just learn to code for the first time, but to learn a new framework or technique.

I wanted in.


Building Compassionate Software

If you make a mistake, you would want a colleague to point it out to you, right? Just like you would hope a colleague would ask a question when they don’t understand something, and just like you want everyone on your team to speak up with ideas, even if they’re unconventional. But chances are that you’ve been in the position to speak up before and haven’t.

Why? It feels like those scenarios represent a good team dynamic, but what effect do they have on a team’s performance? And how can we begin to change a team’s dynamic to improve its performance?

Today we’re going to take a look at psychological safety and how it can help your team perform better. My goal is to give you the evidence you need to take back to your team so we can all improve our workplaces – with enough of us, we can begin to make significant change in our industry and beyond.


Smartphones and Augmenting Humanity

A few weeks ago, shortly after Pokemon Go launched, I saw a pretty messed up image get circulated ‘round the internet, with comments to the effect of “haha, this is so edgy!” But it made me pretty angry.


Photography Retrospective

In February of 2012, I wrote that I would not be buying a camera. Two months later, I did buy one, and that decision has come to shape a lot of who I am today.


Fresh macOS Setup

There are a bunch of things I do when I re-install macOS on a computer, or when I begin working on a new computer. I don’t do this often, so it’s easy to forget the steps. So I documented everything in a gist.


Static Site Search with Middleman and lunrjs

A few months ago, someone opened an issue asking for a site search on my blog. Neat idea, it wasn’t high on my list of priorities at the time, but maybe I’d get to it someday.

Well, today’s the day 🎉

(Note: The original “the day” was two weeks ago but I had given up in frustration.)