500px for iPad: Behind The Scenes

I had the distinct pleasure to present a talk at the FITC Screens. It’s the first non-academic conference I’ve ever presented at, and it was an exhilerating experience.

The 500px iPad app is my greatest professional accomplishment (so far, anyway). This isn’t just the story of the last year of iOS development at 500px, this is the story of the last year of my life.

The script and slides are available on GitHub. The slides are mainly ornamental; reading the script or watching the video below is the best way to get the information.

Unfortunately, the camera we were recording on stopped after 30 minutes, but I’m still proud to present the talk I have.

I really did enjoy every aspect of presenting this talk. Adam Shutsa, the Lead Designer at 500px, was instrumental in helping me with the script and in making the slides (not to mention making the app). I’m hoping to present more talks, and more often.

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