Apple is Exactly Where it Wants to Be

I was reading an incredibly stupid Slashdot story this morning about how Apple is becoming the next “Evil Empire” and I came across an incredibly stupid comment which contained, in the midst of a lot of other herp and derp, the incredibly stupid sentence “Apple isn’t likely to dominate any markets that actually matter.” What markets don’t matter? Apple is dominating the tablet market and has been the top dog in the mp3 player business for a decade. Their computers aren’t number one, but Apple doesn’t want them to be.

People don’t get it; Apple’s not trying to overthrow Microsoft in the Desktop market. They are exactly where they want to be doing exactly what they want to do. They make the products they want to make and sell them for the prices they want to sell them for.

People might say “Apple would sell more X if only they’d (lower prices|lower accessory prices|stop Y business practice|herp|derp|derp)”, but maybe Apple’s fine with where they are in the market for X.

The moral of the story is I need to stop reading Slashdot.

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