Citations Needed

As a part of my recent, er, radicalization I guess?, I’ve been listening to a lot of new podcasts. One in particular stands out above the rest: Citations Needed. I highly recommend you check it out (Soundcloud, iTunes, Patreon).

Citations Needed is a media criticism podcast that discusses “the history of bullshit” and I’ve learned something from every episode. They bring on really knowledgeable guests, and the show is generally just really well produced.

Their most recent episode is on the subject of the US national deficit. They discuss how the media’s framing of the deficit skews towards a very narrow interpretation of monetary policy (my life is very exciting right now). But seriously – it’s fascinating stuff.

The episode also provides some “talking points” for answering questions from angry relatives at Thanksgiving like “how can the government afford the THIRTY TWO TRILLION DOLLARS to pay for single-payer!?”

If you like it, let me know 👍

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