Stephen Fry recently blogged about his struggles with depression. Wil Wheaton has done the same. More and more often, people are beginning to discuss their mental illness openly, ignoring the shame and stigma that society has historically put on the mentally ill.

I’m now 25 and have spent the first half of my twenties suffering from depression. Two major episodes – one late last year and another in university – led me nearly to take my life. My wife saved me by (figuratively) dragging me to help.

I still struggle with my mood, but I’m feeling much better thanks to the help I’ve received. Through prescribed medication and Buddhist meditation, I’m enjoying my life again.

I wish that I had something more substantial to add to the dialogue than “me too”, but sometimes it’s worth knowing that you’re not alone, and that it can get better.

If you’re having thoughts of hurting yourself, please seek help.

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