Drink Coffee to Slow Down

This week, I read an excellent article on slowing down. The author posits that life moves very quickly, especially when you’re in the computer industry. Things never seem to slow down long enough to catch your breath.

The article was very timely for me, since I’m under a lot of stress at work with a nigh-impossible deadline; the idea of slowing down, even while maintaining a fast pace of life really resonated with me.

I don’t want to just republish the article, but to summarize, the five points are:

  1. Shave with a straight razor
  2. Run
  3. Cook
  4. Read
  5. Travel

Great list. My favourite is actually shaving; while I don’t use a straight razor, I do use a safety razor, which (despite its name) demands attention, time, and skill to successfully use.

I’d like to add one of my own. Coffee.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Coffee? Coffee makes me go faster, not slower!” Yes, that’s true. However, I make deliberate, quality coffee that demands focus and attention.

When I get up, the first thing I do it turn on my espresso machine. It takes at least 30 minutes to heat up its 1.2 litre boiler.


This is how I begin each shot of espresso. I feed 18 grams of coffee beans into a quality espresso grinder. It produces a fine, consistent grind of coffee. I carefully dose the grinds so they fill the basket evenly before I lock in the portafilter and pull my shot.

It takes a few minutes to pull a shot and steam the milk for a latte, but it is so worth it. And every morning, I get to look forward to this ritual.

So I’m going to take it a little easier and slow down in the ways I can. When I move fast, I want to move decisively, but when I can take time to enjoy life, I will.

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