Due Diligence

Okay so yesterday I wrote a hypothetical blog post about a new testing framework that Apple made. I’ve got a lot of feedback – more than I expected, honestly. Developers really care about their tools.

One piece of criticism I received is that I hadn’t filed any bug reports with Apple asking for these features. I did include a link to Apple’s bug reporter and asked people to file radars, but I didn’t provide any radars to duplicate. That was an oversight on my part.

So here’s some due diligence: I have filed eleven radars with Apple asking for individual features that would each enhance the developer experience. They have all been cross-posted to Open Radar, so please feel free to duplicate them.

These are all feature requests that I’m bringing from other communities – mainly Ruby and JavaScript. I’ve been asking developers to bring ideas from other communities since Swift was in beta. It’s fair to ask me to follow my own advice.

What features would make your day-to-day life as a developer easier, or more joyful?

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