First JS Meetup Talk

Hey! So not a lot of posts over the past six months, what’s Ash been up to, eh? Well, besides moving to a new apartment, and blogging for Artsy, I’ve been learning more JavaScript! Specifically, a lot more about JS tooling.

Last night, I gave my first meetup talk in the JavaScript developer community at TypeScript NYC. It went really well!

I did a live coding demo of how to write custom TSLint rules. TSLint is a tool that checks your TypeScript code for style problems. You can think of it like SwiftLint, but for TypeScript. I’ve been working on some TSLint rules at Artsy and I thought I would share what I’ve learned over the past month or so.

The talk wasn’t recorded, but the slides are available and the steps I took are documented. I also have further reading in this readme. The meetup audience was very patient and helpful as I worked through the live-coding demo, and were appropriately mind-blown at the end of the talk. I’ll definitely come back to this meetup, because the other talks were really interesting, too.

In 2018, I’ve had a blast learning more about module resolution, Babel, the TypeScript compiler, and more. It’s a really exciting time for me because I’m starting to feel both productive and confident when working in Artsy’s various JS-based projects. I’ve said this before, but I don’t consider myself an “iOS developer” anymore because the title is too limiting. I solve problems; sometimes that means hunting down crashes in Objective-C and sometimes that means sending the TypeScript compiler a pull request.

I’m excited.

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