Functional Programming in Swift

Yesterday, I gave a talk at NSSpain titled “The Future of Functional Programming in Swift”. Slides are up here and the sample code is on GitHub.

This was a kind of cool talk for me. I’ve been doing 50-60 minute presentations lately, but this was only 30. I had a lot to discuss in a short amount of time: I don’t believe that functional programming (or any type of programming) should be taught in a vacuum. Context is critical. What is functional programming? Why is functional programming important? When should it be used? How do I get started? These are questions that I tried to answer in my talk.


This was also a very fun talk to give. I tried to infuse a sense of humour into my presentation, though I don’t think many people got my Carl Sagan reference. About the first half was setting up context and the remainder was going through example code in an Xcode playground (sidenote: super awesome tool for teaching, thanks Apple!). Despite one small probem, things went really well.

I think (?) the talk was recorded, so if it gets posted by the conference organizers, I’ll put it up here. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

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