Hierarchy of Needs

So there’s Maslow’s ” hierarchy of needs”, right? They list basic needs, like food and water, at the bottom and list complex needs, like self-actualization, at the top. As a developer, I believe that I need to be concerned with mainly complex needs in order to be the most productive, and the most happy.

Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of stress about our move. All of a sudden, instead of worrying about things at the top of the hierarchy, I’m worrying about things near the bottom, like shelter and housing.

I’ve been having a harder time focusing on work and play – it’s frustrating. I’m a “mind over matter” kind of person, so that my mind isn’t under my control really bothers me.

Luckily, we’ve signed a contract for an apartment near the city centre and we’ve gotten our financials in order, so the stress is going down. It’ll all be over soon. Hopefully when it is, and I return to my baseline of stress, my tolerance for stress at that level will be better.

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