iTunes UI Fail

I’ve never particularly liked iTunes. I’ve tried Amarok and Clementine for the mac, but neither works well or works well with my iPhone.

The other day I was deleting some old crap from my iTunes library. There are a lot of video game music remixes and bits of movie soundtracks that I haven’t listened to since my heyday with Fedora 5. I was deleting files willy nilly with iTunes when i got to this dialogue:


I hit “keep files” and now random files are deleted from my iTunes library (an un-undoable action). I can’t find them because they’re not in the iTunes library and nothing in Finder distinguishes them from thousands of other files.

And what the heck does the subtitle mean? “Only files in the iTunes Media folder will be moved to the Trash.” Does that mean that, since my music is in the iTunes folder, they are deleted no matter what? If so, since all my music is in that folder, this dialogue is completely redundant. iTunes’ management of music files is sketchy at best with super-sketchy default settings. Come on, Apple, you can do better.

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