Joining Float

I’m excited to announce that today I am joining Float!

During my job search, I got practiced at introducing myself. My background, experience, and what I’m looking for next. What I wanted is:

I want to do my best work. When I look back at my career so far, I’ve done my best work on smaller, focused teams aligned on building a product that solves actual user problems. But as important as alignment on what the team builds, I am looking for alignment on how we build it. A focus on curiosity, growth, and kindness.

Float hit those marks for me.

The business model of Float is honourable: they make a quality product and then sell it to customers. It’s very direct and it aligns all the incentives nicely. And remember how I want to make really great user experiences? With Float, a great user experience is the product.

Speaking with engineers, managers, product managers, and others, I felt like we were on the same wavelength. Often while listening, I would think of a follow-up question to ask; then they’d answer it before wrapping up their thought. It showed that we were thinking about the same kinds of things. We got to skip over the obvious questions and jump right to the interesting ones.

One other thing: Float is a Canadian team building software for Canadian customers. After seven years working for an NYC-based fine art startup, then two years working for a global e-commerce platform… I’m looking forward to solving problems that are closer to home.

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