Killing the Crunch Mode Antipattern

I read a really great article on crunch mode today. It discusses what crunch and why it’s dumb. (I know I made a resolution to be more positive on this blog, but there are few things that turn my stomach more than the stupidity of crunch mode.)

If you want a “knowledge worker” to be as ineffective and produce the lowest level of quality possible, deprive them of their sleep and hold them to an unrealistic deadline. In other words, activate Crunch Mode.

I continue to fail to understand why the myth of crunch mode being a good thing is perpetuated throughout the software industry. Nothing is more toxic to a workplace and a management team’s credibility than crunch mode.

It burns people out, sometimes permanently. They burn up their passion that takes down time to replenish. … enough crunching can cause your best people to leave.

Sounds familiar.

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