Make it Awesome

I’ve long been believer in the idea that the best marketing you can do for a product is to ensure the quality of that product. Make something awesome and people will buy it, provided there’s a market for that product.

With that said, I’ve very happy to announce that my book, Functional Reactive Programming on iOS, has broken 500 readers.

When I started writing this book, I didn’t know if there would be a sufficient demand. I hoped, but I wrote it without knowing for sure. Now, having completed it and seeing the results in sales, I can confirm my belief both that there would be a market, and that if you make it awesome, they will come.

This gets back to my discussion about quality from the other day. My podcast suffered a decline in listeners last month. I don’t know why, maybe it was just the Christmas holidays. Maybe it was a natural waning of listeners because the quality wasn’t there.

I’ve committed myself to only making awesome stuff. That aligns with my new job in Amsterdam, with my open source contributions, and a super-secret project I can’t talk about yet. Wink wink.

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