Moved Away From Wordpress

Last night I switched my website away from Wordpress, which I had been self-hosting for two years. While I’ve had fun administering my own site and customizing it just so, it had become too tedious.

Specifically, the problem was that my site was hacked and was being used to promote knock-off handbags. The attackers managed to index over 3 000 pages on my site with the fake content. How did they do it? I hadn’t remembered to update my Wordpress installation.

With apologies to the diligent community of developers and designers working hard to make Wordpress a success, I want to solve more interesting problems than keeping my Wordpress installation up-to-date. I want to focus on my writing, photography, and open source projects.

I’ve switched to  Squarespace, which I’m finding quite delightful. All links to old articles will correctly redirect and your RSS feeds will still work, with some possible duplicates in your feed reader. I’m still deciding on a feel for my site, but I’ve always liked the monochrome, toned-down look. If you have any feedback, let me know!

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