New Project

Since finishing C-41, I’ve been feeling a bit on an open source kick. To that end, and mostly for fun, I’ve started another project in the open. This one also uses ReactiveCocoa and MVVM, but it’s a game. My first game, actually.

Angular is the first game I’ve ever written. I expect to get some things wrong, but I’m excited about the prospect of learning a whole new type of app architecture. So far I have the game mechanics working (you can play against an incredibly stupid AI), but the interface is barebones. Next steps are to complete the AI and then move onto the interface, which my wife is helping me design.

I’m not sure how to make any money off of this. Possibly use iAds and an in-app purchase to remove them. It feels kind of slimey, but after my recent debacle making money from the App Store, I’m starting to feel like maybe being virtuous isn’t the best way to make money. Then again, making money isn’t all I care about, either.

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