Saying No

Hello my name is Ash and I have a problem. I love saying “yes.” I love telling people I can do what they ask. I love the satisfaction I get out of starting a new project. I love the thrill, the excitement, everything.

Except finishing projects is hard and telling people “I’m sorry I can’t finish this” sucks.

When I was in university, someone very smart taught me how to say “no” and it changed my life. By learning to tell people that, while I’m excited about the possibility of working with them, I already have a full plate, I get to work on things that continue to excite me the morning after having slept on it.

My technique involves telling people that I’d love to work on their project, but I can’t because I don’t want to make a commitment I can’t keep. It’s honest, it shows that I’m mature, and that I respect the other person’s time.

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