Settling In

It’s been exactly a month since my wife and I moved home to New Brunswick, Canada, and I realized that I kind of owe this blog a little update. The move itself – getting here with our cats and all our stuff – was very stressful. And once we got here, we had to quarantine for two weeks.

But! We’re settling in now. And I wanted to describe two aspects of the move.

First, and foremost, I want to say this: we got what we wanted. We wanted to be close to our families, to be a part of where we live, and to feel like we belonged. And even with the covid restrictions, we feel at home here.

Second, I want to talk about the difference between leaving New York and moving to New Brunswick. I write in the last post:

Let me be clear that we aren’t escaping America, but rather that we are returning home.

I even clarified this on Twitter:

But I need to set the record straight. What my wife and I realized, as our moving day approached, was that this statement wasn’t accurate. Yes, we were motivated primarily by our desire to move home. But also, we needed to get out of America. I don’t want to say any more about it other than to acknowledge the privilege we have to just leave, especially during the pandemic.

We’re just so grateful to be home.

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