Just when Tech Crunch couldn’t possibly lose the remaining, tiny shred of respect I might have found for it, it publishes this article discussing the “Singularity University” founded two years ago by “futurist” Ray Kurzweil and X Prize founder Peter Diamandis. That’s right. The man who seems to believe that Moore’s Law is a real law has founded a university. No word on their accreditation.

The article is a great read, by the way. It’s written by an “entrepreneur turned academic”, whatever that means. Academic of what? Entrepreneurship or Law or something - the article’s pretty vague, but rest assured they are exactly the kind of academic you trust to lecture on topics such as “nano-organisms” and such.

Reading the article, you’ll discover that the Singularity University is less a place about teaching students, like most universities, and actually a place where “select groups of business executives, technologists, and government leaders” are taught about “Exponential Technologies.”


It’s got to be hard telling people exactly what they want to hear: that Science will solve the world’s problems and that they can again be optimistic about the future. Not nearly as hard as accepting (modest, I’m sure) payment for your services, but hard nonetheless.

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