I went with some friends last night to see Skyfall, the latest 007 movie. It was fantastic and you really need to go see it.

Other than the bad habit Hollywood has of making the most random shit up about computers and passing it off as realistic to an audience who mostly won’t be able to tell, the movie was completely immersive. The writing, cinematography, acting, and score were all very well done.

In terms of plot, Skyfall redeems the Daniel Craig 007 movies from the unfortunate Quantum of Solace, which suffered heavily from the writer’s strike during its production. Like Casino Rolaye and Quantum of Solace, Skyfall continues to explore the origins of James Bond.

Skyfall draws you in with intrigue instead of solely relying on big explosions to keep you entertained. This, I believe, is the biggest problem with the Pierce Brosnan films. Technology and cinematography had finally caught up with the gadgets used in the classic movies; writers had to update the tech they used in their films. With the exception of Goldeneye, all this meant was bigger explosions and cockamamie things like invisible cars. The gadgets of classic Bond were so cool because they seemed so believable, if a little futuristic.

That’s why I was so impressed with Skyfall. The writers used technology to drive the plot forward instead of trying to impress the audience with a big bang.

Finally, I want to talk about the score. Rather than just slap on some classic James Bond music, the composer did a fantastic job of using music that reminded you of classic Bond soundtracks without blatantly copying them. When the movie makes some callbacks to the classic films, then they dive right into the classic music. It feels so natural - very well done.

Altogether, Skyfall is an immersive, well-written, and well-executed film. I think it’s my favourite Bond film of the past two decades.

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