Swift Panel

A few weeks ago, during WWDC week, I was honoured to participate in a panel discussion with some awesome people at Realm. The video of the discussion, and transcript, are available online.

The event was particularly cool, in my opinion, since it was a dry event (meaning they didn’t serve alcohol). WWDC week is soaked in liquor and I applaud Realm for endeavouring to create a space where everyone in our community can feel welcome and safe.

Being at the event was amazing – speaking with amazing people like JP, Chris, Ayaka, Nate, Natasha, and Jeff was a really cool experience. We had an engaging, respectful, and fun conversation about something that we’re all passionate about.

I also got to meet Chris Lattner, which was really exciting. Speaking with him about his personal motivations surrounding Swift left me feeling a profound sense of excitement; we see eye-to-eye on a lot of the educational value behind this cool new language, and I’ve never been more thrilled to see what the Swift team is going to do next.

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