SwiftCrunch Hackathon

After WWDC, once Swift had been announced, I was contacted by some developers in Poland who wanted to organize the first ever Swift hackathon. Really neat idea – and they wondered if I was interested in giving the keynote.

I accepted and am just finishing up the SwiftCrunch hackathon now. It’s been a fantastic experience – I’ve met a lot of great developers and had a great time.

Here are my slides from the keynote. They don’t give a tonne of context, but it was recorded so I’ll post the video later once it’s up.

There were some really cool projects that developers came up with – not just apps, but tools for developers to use to make their lives easier. One of the most interesting projects is SwiftInFlux, a community-based project for cataloguing the changes that Apple is probably going to make to Swift before 1.0 ships.

My project reproduces Facebook Slingshot’s UI for presenting notifications, and it’s available on GitHub.

It was a great learning experience – I filed some radars and learned more about writing idiomatic Swift. I’ll put together a blog post with some of my findings later.

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