Therapy's End

Today, I had my final regularly scheduled therapy appointment. My therapist and I have been meeting less frequently over the summer, and we’ve talked before about the idea of stopping altogether. We ended today’s session early. He shook my hand and reminded me that the door was always open; I thanked him for his help, and I left.

I might be back someday, or maybe I’ll talk with someone else. But I’ve worked through my feelings, and I’ve found the right medication, that I’m “no longer experiencing a depressive episode” I think is the medical phrase. I’m doing hobbies, I’m less anxious about things, I’m just… enjoying life.

One of then many tools therapy helped me with was recognizing when to ask for help so rest assured I’ll be on the lookout for any future problems.

Therapy was a life-changing experience for me – I’ve been fortunate to have access to mental health treatment. Well, kind of – you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to live abroad with mental health issues.

If you’re struggling with your emotions, ask yourself how that struggle is affecting your life. Talking to someone could really help.

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