Tips for Young and Old

Stuart Hall has a good roundup of tips for developing iOS apps. While he’s targeted newcomers to the platform with the post, experienced practioners of iOS development would do well to read the list over and re-examine any assumptions they made earlier in their practice. Maybe some of those assumptions are still valid, but maybe some of the reasoning behind them has since become irrelevant.

I think that continuing to do something one particular way because that’s how you’ve always done it is silly. As responsible developers, we need to reflect and examine why we do something the way we do. Maybe we could do it better.

One of the key points in the article, for experienced developers, is to rely on open source software. I get the feeling from the Cocoa community that many of us don’t like relying on someone else’s code. I’ve seen developers time and again insist on writing their own everything.

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time. If you’re about to write something new, check out Cocoa Controls to see if someone else has already done something like it. Maybe you can’t use it wholesale, but maybe you can modify existing work for your needs.

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