Transitioning from 'Attero Ingorantiam'

EDIT: I love how my main reason for transitioning was because my old blog was hard to spell, and in this post’s title, I messed it up myself :P So I retired my old blog after a lot of thought and pestering from my friend Ian.

Why did I retire my old one? Chiefly, it was difficult to spell. I chose the (rather pretentious) Latin term meaning “destroyer of ignorance.” Turns out most of my friends would google my name instead of typing in the URL. This would bring up my Kijiji Impersonator post. Not the landing page I was expecting.

Additionally, I started my blog for a purpose, which I’ve long-since accomplished. While my fiancee Ashley thinks that a blog should be more like a real publication, I consider it a learning opportunity; it’s like a conversation with my readers and myself. I wrote it because I didn’t know where I stood on a lot of religious issues, but I’ve settled into someone who’s aware and comfortable with what they believe in. It’s not something I’m against posting about, but the main focus of my blog hasn’t been about belief in a long time. It’s time for a new blog with a new direction. This is also why I’m choosing not to import old posts into this new blog.

Lastly, I wanted desperately to get our of the blogger ecosystem. Anyone who’s used it will understand.

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