Twitter Name Change

So I’ve pulled the trigger on changing my twitter handle. This hit me kind of hard, which I was honestly expecting.

My wife, then fiancée, gave me my twitter name of “GreyEyes” because she liked my eyes.

My online identity, since 2008, has been defined by that name. That’s always been fine because my online identity hasn’t had a large impact on my professional life. Having gone through the job-hunting process twice in the past 6 months and having moved to a new city, I’ve gained a little perspective. One of the biggest changes is that people now know me through twitter exclusively. I’ve even gained a reputation in Toronto, apparently. A reputation as that guy with the cat for a twitter profile picture and the kiddish name.

I really like that. I like being aloof and kiddish online. But I also understand that people are paying attention to me and I have control over their first impression of my online presence. I’d rather have my face be my face online; I’d also rather have my name as my name online, even if it means giving up a little of the fun I’ve had over the past 42 months.

As for the nature of my tweets, they’ve never been anything but my honest opinions and that’s not going to change.

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