When You Assume...

Over at the Cult of Mac, there’s an article describing how Apple’s obsession with Google is hurting Apple.

Specifically, the author is upset about the new iOS 6 Apple Maps.

Apple put crapware on their most important product on purpose in order to screw a rival at the expense of users.

No one knows why Google is no longer providing the Maps application. It could have been Google that pulled or, or there could be some other reason.

The company has also gotten into bed with both Twitter and Facebook on social networking, and doesn’t offer any out-of-the-box integration with Google+.

Yes, that is what will kill Apple, their lack of Google Plus integration. Mmhmm. This is the point in the article I become convinced the author might be trying to get the attention of the Macalope.

We all know the reason why Apple is doing these things. They’re more focused now on hurting Google than thrilling users, just like they were with Microsoft in the 90s.

It sucks. And it’s a recipe for longterm failure.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, making these kinds of assumptions is not the work of someone trying to write anything factual.

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