Whiskey List

I had some time off between jobs recently, and I really like Scotch, so I decided to spend some time throwing together an app to help me keep track of tasting notes of all the whiskies I like. I treated it partially as a challenge to use UICollectionView, on which I’m writing a short book, and also to see how quickly I can develop it.

The total development time on this project is 18 hours, about a third of which I spent actually drinking whiskey. I also used collection views – in fact, I found a way to abuse them that I’m sure is unique.

The hardest and lengthiest component was the icon, on which I had tremendous help from Eric Akaoka and Zev Eisenberg.

If you’re a whiskey drinker, please go buy my app and then give it a rating. Any rating, even a mediocre one, will help me.

I’m not expecting to get rich off of this, and it will probably be my last personal app for a while, but it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the challenge.

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