Your First Swift App

This morning I launched my new Swift book, Your First Swift App. It’s a work-in-progress that will be updated as I write more chapters; currently, the first three of eleven are finished. All of the code is available on GitHub and will be updated as I go. Anyone who bought the older version for iOS 6/7 with Objective-C should have already received a coupon for a free copy of the Swift version.

This has been a struggle for me. I actually expected the book to be completed by the time Swift hit 1.0, but I struggled a lot over the Summer with depression. Only over the past few weeks have I gotten the motivation to continue. I’m grateful to my wife and friends for supporting me through the past six months.

To the degree that you’re comfortable helping me spread the word about my book, I would be grateful for any tweets or blog posts about it. Thanks a lot, everyone.

Please submit typo corrections on GitHub