Amsterdam Update

I’ve been living in Amsterdam for two months now, so I thought it might be time to do a little update.

Ashley and I are still really enjoying the city. We’re finding everything that we wanted to when we moved here, and more. It’s an amazing experience and, despite all that we gave up when we left Toronto, I’m convinced we made the right decision.

Our bathroom was recently renovated, and we’re still dealing with some of the fallout. It was a really stressful time, but it’s over now.

The Appsterdam community is very awesome and very supportive. I meet other app makers on a weekly basis and have a great time.

A few weeks ago, I started a new job at a company called Artsy. I’m really enjoying my job. Getting to work on a great product, solving interesting problems, and doing so with incredibly talented people is about my dream job.

Considering that everything is going well, and after discussing it with my wife, I’ve decided to make changes to my anti-depressants. I’ve decided to gradually reduce the intake of the two prescriptions that I’m on until I’m off my medication altogether. I started the process several weeks ago. Here’s my motivation: I started on the drugs when I wasn’t strong enough to fight my depression on my own. The drugs helped me get into a state that I was able to do so. Now that I’ve done that, and continue to fight, I don’t need them as much.

Results have been good. I’ve felt really dizzy as I come off the dose of SSRIs I’ve been on for over a year, but I have a really positive upshot of coming off my meds: I’ve felt “flat” over the past year or so, being on the drugs. My good days are amazing, even if my bad days really suck. I feel alive for the first time in a long time. And despite the bad days, it feels amazing.

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