Apple Installer UI Question

I re-installed the OS on my iMac recently; it’d been two years and it needed it. For some reason, Xcode didn’t backup my Xcode install. This is probably a good thing, since dev environments can be tricky in the best of situations.

Anyways, I’m reinstalling Xcode while listening to some music and cleaning the apartment. I come back to my machine to check the progress, and I get this dialogue box:


What really interested me is that this box floats on top of all other open applications; the only way to dismiss it is to close iTunes.


Maybe it’s just me, but I think the Installer app is being a little presumptuous. I mean, it’s better than Windows installers which close everything else willy nilly without even asking you, but it assumes that installing this app right now is the most important thing to the user. Honestly, my dev work has been on my MacBook Air lately, so installing Xcode was just to get that annoying question mark out of my Dock.

The only excuse for this type of behaviour is that the operation is time-sensitive or sensitive to being interrupt. Yes, app install fall under this category, but couldn’t you just re-install if power goes out midway though? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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