Arguments Against the iPad Mini

David Chartier writes:

The landscape keyboard on an iPad display is already nearing cramped netbook territory (hey, remember those?), but it’s still very well in the “takes time to adjust to” region. I’ve written plenty of 1500-2000 word pieces on my iPad (including this one), and have seen plenty of people in coffee shops typing quite well that way.> The Nexus 7’s landscape keyboard feels firmly planted in the “prohibitive to use” end of the ballpark. It’s just too thin. Again, I have a hard time believing a keyboard on an iPad mini will fare much better.

(Hat tip to Farley for tweeting this.)

It’s refreshing to finally see someone else stand up against a wave of Apple rumour mongerers who insist the iPad Mini is a fact. It’s not a fact and I don’t think it will exist.

There are some valid reasons to want a smaller iPad - John Siracusa has detailed them on a recent episode of Hypercritical.

Just because we want something doesn’t mean Apple will make it. Just because Apple can make something with their existing supply chain doesn’t mean they will. Just because everything conincidentally works out with DPI doesn’t make it real.

I don’t want Apple to release an iPad Mini because I think it would be a bad business decision. Then again, just because I don’t think they should doesn’t mean they won’t.

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