Hard Drive Woes

September 5, 2012

This is the third hard drive I’ve had fail on me in the last six weeks. Two of them have been SSD’s and one was a backup drive. I’ve lost an entire morning’s worth of work while OS X re-downloads to a new drive I just purchased.

But the time I’m losing is nothing compared to the value of the data on those drives.

If you have an SSD, like in a MacBook Air, you might think that since there isn’t a lot of data on the drive, it doesn’t matter if you back it up or not. But here’s the thing: data stored on a drive with such scarce capacity makes that data more valuable. If it didn’t matter as much, you wouldn’t keep it on such a small drive.

I have everything backed up. My data is safe because I am a professional who cares about that data. I you don’t have a good backup solution, ask yourself why not.

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