Bad Ideas

I wrote a blog article recently that called BS on the idea that developers absolutely require no distractions in order to be efficient at their jobs.

Not everyone agreed.

I’m fine with people taking a different stance than I do. We’ll all disagree sometimes, after all. The language I used may have been a bit harsh, and I’ve tried to tidy it up a bit to better convey my original intention.

But here’s the thing.

I’d rather be wrong, and voice my wrong idea, and be made a fool of than continue to believe that wrong idea. When you open your ideas to public scrutiny, through GitHub, or Twitter, or your blog, your ideas get better. Either they’re correct, and you verified them, or they’re incorrect and you stop believing them.

As a rule, I don’t delete articles I write here (with one embarassing exception). I’m not going to delete the article. I haven’t been convinced that I’m wrong, only that I’m using anecdotal evidence (oops). If anyone has anything more to say on the matter, I’ll be on twitter.

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