I’ve been developing my own film recently. I’m not great at it yet – still getting the hang of it – but it’s going well. I’m really enjoying being so connected to the photographic process.

Film fascinates me. I have these two little dark boxes that allow light in for very specific periods of time, and only through a complex arrangement of glass lenses. Light strikes an emulsion of chemicals that crystalizes an invisible image, later to be washed away by a chemical bath. It’s all rather romatic.

Cat's Eyes by Ash Furrow on

There’s really no one to blame but yourself – complete control means complete responsibility. This is one image in dozens that I’ve camptured and developed. One in dozens that I’m proud of.

I’m missing more images by messing up the manual focus, aperture, and shutter speed settings on my M6 than I ever did with my 5D on automatic. I’m ruining good photos by accidentally bending the film as I clumsily transfer it in a dark bag. And yet, I’m having the absolute time of my life.

I’ve really given up on doing photography for other people. I’m tired of the social media bullshit people keep trying to associate with photography. I’m going to do my own thing as long as it makes me happy.

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