Being a Guest on a Podcast

I was participating in a discussion on the Podcasting Handbook about topic suggestions and suggested “how to be a guest on a podcast”. Dan Benjamin replied that, in fact, 5by5 already has such a page.

I’ve read it over – very interesting. The tone and instructions within it are very indicative of the professional kind of network that 5by5 represents. In that spirit, they differ in some key ways from my own instructions to guests on Springboard.

For instance, I don’t record as soon as I call them over Skype, nor do I live stream. I don’t specify to record over a wired internet connection, either. And so on.

I’m going to try and do better on prepping guests before I call them over Skype. I’ll be thinking more about what kinds of instructions I’ll have for a guest on Springboard. After all, being a guest on a 5by5 show is an honour, but being a guest on Springboard is more like doing me a favour, so I have to be choosey about what kinds of things I ask guests for. If you have suggestions, especially those based on past Springboard shows, please do get in touch.

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