As the sole iOS Developer at 500px, I have to stay on top of everything with regards to the app: requesting design assets from Adam, fixing bugs, providing support to users, and developing new features. I leverage a few third-party tools (like  TestFlight) to make my job easier. However, Crashlytics beats them all. Combined. It is second only to Xcode in terms of how important it is to creating iOS apps.

As I recently talked about, we had some crashing issues with the 500px iPad app that I had to fix. The stable version, 1.3.3, is now live. It is only as stable as it is because Crashyltics was so helpful in determining where the app was crashing and why. It is super easy to use; it’s hard to remember how I maintained apps without it.

Currently, their “buzz” page lists testimonials from their users.

I’m really loving Crashlytics!! This is incredible - amazing job! I can’t underscore enough how impressed I am with Crashlytics.

  • Ash Furrow

Let me make this easy for you: you need to go sign up for this. Your app is crashing right now and you probably don’t even know about it.

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