ShareKit Sucks: A Rant

God I am so done with ShareKit. I’ve never used Three20, so it may only be the second biggest steaming pile of shit on the Internet, but either way it sucks so hard. Using it is like banging your face in with a hammer. A hammer made of crushed dreams and melted iced cream that’s been refrozen.

Why does it suck? Here’re the top reasons:

  1. “Let’s abstract ALL OF THE THINGS!!!!”
  2. Shoddy memory management practices ([self retain], anyone?)
  3. “Let’s cater to non-Objective-C developers! This certainly won’t alienate anyone!”
  4. “Let’s not be transparent about how we work at all.”
  5. No Poor documentation.

Basically you’re punished if you want to use ShareKit any other way than how the authors intended.

Fuck you, ShareKit. When I drop support for iOS 4 in my apps, a day that is quickly approaching, you’re getting kicked to the curb so fucking hard.

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