Developer Home Workstations

I’m trying to write a post on my UNB Blog about how I’m teaching a course in iPhone Development. I wanted to throw up a picture of a cool work station or something, but there are copyright restrictions. I thought about taking a photo of my own workstation, but then I realized that it’s not exactly picture-worthy. My workstation is three quarters of an L-shaped desk with my iMac, magic mouse, and (wired) keyboard. These programming utensils and my Time Capsule are about the only things that aren’t habitually covered with other things (I don’t want the hard drive to overheat). My desk plays host to a myriad of things, including but not limited to dirty espresso demitasses; folded or semi-folded laundry; cats; printer paper; etc … It’s a community-oriented shared-space.

This isn’t an office - it’s my home. However, I’ve seen other geek’s workstations, and they’re always impressive. Multiple monitors, keyboard, backlit everything, wireless everything, and ne’er a cat’s hairball to be found. These guys seem more like posers to me, based on what I’ve seen from my friends’ home workstations. What do you think? Are these people just enthusiastic about workspace or is my judgemental attitude warranted?

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