GQ Takes the High Road; Makes Fun of Nerds

I was snooping ‘round the Internet this morning when I stumbled upon this article by GQ. I don’t typically read GQ, though they have a pretty cheap promotion on a year’s subscription I’m considering. The article details 15 tech guys who, in GQ’s opinion, are dressed just awfully. Good for GQ. You know what? Nerds are the easiest targets for picking on when on the playground, so why not as adults, too? They criticize everyone from Bill Gates (always wears a sweater), Zuck (his ties are too wide), and the owner of ICANHAZCHEEZBURGER (wears t-shirts with Internet memes).

I’m really happy that the editors at GQ went to the trouble of criticizing the style of men who have built some of the most amazing and innovative companies of the last century for things like “pants are too baggy.”

I don’t think I’ll go with that subscription I was considering. Maybe if they had written a piece about the snazziest dressers of Silicon Valley, but I suppose it’s always easier to criticize that to compliment.

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