Classic Fit

One of my favourite things about Toronto is the nice selection of men’s wear stores. I’m finding now that, with more selection, I’m finding more and more that fits me. Clothing is following a relatively recent trend of getting slimmer (especially shirts and suits). Clothes seem to now come in one of two varieties: modern fit and classic fit. Unfortunately, modern fit seems to becoming the norm, since clothes that don’t specify one or the other are usually  modern fit.

Modern fit shirts are great for people who are a little lot more slender than I am. I’m not even saying the style looks bad, either! It’s just when you get up to my size, having a super-tight-fitting shirt doesn’t appeal to me. (This makes buying fitted things like shirts online problematic.)

We were shopping over the weekend at Harry Rosen’s on Bloor St* when Ashley pointed out that, as a classic gentleman, I just need a classic fit. Which I think suits me fine :) *tip: avoid the Eaton Centre store; I felt looked down upon for only browsing the “on sale” section.

I found a really sweet sports coat/jacket hybrid for the upcoming “Winter” in Toronto. I don’t usually buy things at the beginning of the season (since it’s full price), but it fit me perfectly off the rack with only a slight hem on the sleeves. Talking to the friendly sales lady (not those pushy assholes on the basement level - don’t ask me if I want to try on that $2 600 Etro smoking jacket and, no, I don’t want to get anything in bespoke), the jacket belongs to one of their house brands, specifically designed for “classic fit” guys. I swooned.

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