I had an Amazing Week

This week was so busy! On Monday, I started my new job at 500px. In the first five days, I’ve written more lines of code than in the past two months. I finally feel fulfilled in my work again. My efforts even made a sneak preview online. Thursday night while I was washing dishes, I wrote an article on how to write good iOS apps. I did this sort of frustration with other iOS devs I’ve worked with and terrible iOS code I’ve seen on GitHub. There are “iOS Developers” out there who just don’t get it. You can’t just pick up the language and go; you have to adjust to the way of doing things in CocoaTouch. But I digress.

My article became popular on twitter thanks to some local iOS dev friends I made at tacow a few months ago. I then submitted it to Hacker News where it got on the front page - a first for me! In one day, my blog had over 10 000 pageviews. While some commenters on Hacker News disagreed with me, the majority of people liked my advice, which was a huge vindication for me. Sometimes when you work alone on a project long enough, you get a little paranoid and start doubting yourself and your methods. This really reassured me that I actually do know what I’m doing.


Yesterday’s article led to a tonne of new twitter comrades, some emails from old colleagues who did a double take when they saw my name on the front page of HN, and an inquiry from Intel asking if I was looking for a job.



Finally, myself and two other employees who started this week made it onto the 500px blog in the same post where they announced we had 5 million visitors last month (whoa!).

It’s been a really great week. I hadn’t had one in a while, but it was worth the wait.

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