On Saying No to Designers

I wrote a while ago about saying no to designers and how I had learned not to do it anymore. I pointed out that well-designed apps just don’t happen – they take the hard work and collaboration of designers and developers to realize something great.

Evan Doll tweeted this morning a quote from Craig Hockenberry that really struck me:

“Designers aren’t burdened with implementation details. In other words, they’re just like our customers.” - @ chockenberry

— Evan Doll (@edog1203) March 6, 2013

You would not say “no” to a customer or client – you’d let them know that their request would take extra time (and, therefore, maybe extra money). You’d let them make an informed decision.

Let you designers lead the design of your application – the implementation details are your problem and no one else’s.

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