The Journey Is The Reward

I read an article from Hacker News this morning discussing The Shawshank Redemption and its parallels to working in a startup.

The simple but powerful message is this: ‘Enjoy The Journey’. Remember the smile on Andy’s face when he disposes off the pieces from the wall every day in that prison ground? It could be the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps you going, or it could be the thrill that comes from the stealthiness of it all – but you have to remember that the journey is more important and satisfying than the end destination – getting into that mode is absolutely essential for everyone embarking on the journey.

The author is talking about startups specifically, but to be honest, I’m really tired of the masturbatory deification surrounding the startup environment.

Fuck that.

The journey is the reward for everyone, not just startup founders. If you’re a developer, you’re like magic to most people. Seriously. Go into work with a smile on your face and and attitude of changing the world.

There is no arrival in life: you live, then you die. You won’t be happy once you make a certain amount of money, or when you get that new job, or when you retire. Your journey is all there is, so enjoy it for its own sake.

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