One of my favorite buttons

Great article discussing the “Use Last Photo Taken” button in Tweetbot (hat tip to David Gillis for tweeting this).

But it’s fantastic interaction design all the same. It’s this attention to detail, this relentless drive to add just a little more delight or remove a little pain, this tendency to never be satisfied with the status quo that can lead to great things.

I use this all the time. In fact, almost every time I upload a photo to Twitter, it’s via that button.

It wasn’t difficult to add that button. All the developer’s had to do was give a damn.

Update : My friend Jason wrote in to tell me it was actually Nevan Mrgan who suggested the idea last November, an idea to which Tapbots credited him.

Half-baked idea: iOS apps that display a photo-picking sheet, “Take Photo”, “Choose Existing”? Add 3rd option, “Last Photo Taken”. 95% case.

— Neven Mrgan (@mrgan) November 6, 2011

I guess in addition to giving a damn, it also helps to listen to your users. Turn out.

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