So I bought a Camera

After blogging quite a while ago about how much I do not want to get into photography, I find myself a few months into picking up this new and rewarding hobby.

Tom pointed out that I can get a used DSLR on the Internet for pretty cheap, and indeed I can. I pondered it for a few weeks before deciding not to get into photography; I do not need another hobby to spend my valuable time and money on.

What I said was true; I didn’t need another thing to take up my time or money. Except I did. I needed to buy a camera and spend hours learning. So I guess what I said was, in fact, not true.

Here’s the thing: I am a creative person. I write for this blog, tweet, and podcast all the time. I consider my job as a software developer to be a very creative endeavour. However, I program almost 8 hours a day at my job. I love it! But I need something else. I couldn’t stand to let programming be the only output of my creativity anymore. I can’t explain it further - it was just something I knew I needed to do.

I needed - desperately, in hindsight - to get into photography in a more serious way. I needed to feel this sense of complete freedom to try something and fail, or succeed, but have fun and learn in either case.

Looking back, I was already interested in photography; I work at a company which showcases the world’s best photography and I see amazing photographs every day. I had an Instagram account, which I posted to all the time, and I was already learning to appreciate different aspects of the art. I have so much to thank all of my friends for, especially my wife.

For the first time in a long time, I find myself at the threshold of something very new. My ambition for what to do next is bounding forward faster than the time (or budget) I have to keep up with it. I am so much more mindful of the world around me and I want to capture this feeling to revisit it later if I ever forget it..

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