Solving Problems the Swift Way

Recently, I was asked to speak at SwiftCrunch, the first ever Swift hackathon. I gave a talk on solving problems using idiomatic Swift; that is, how do we solve problems “the Swift way”?

What’s really key – fundamental to both my presentation and my belief about Swift – is that we, as a developer community, are going to face problems in Swift that we are already familiar with. The first time you go to implement UITableViewDataSource in Swift, you’re going to be solving what’s likely a problem you’ve solved before in Objective-C. This time, you’re using Swift. The naïve approach to solving this familiar problem would be to use a familiar solution, but that would be a missed opportunity. Swift presents many new language features and many new ways to solve existing, familiar problems. It would be a shame not to explore those new solutions to see if maybe some of them are better than the Objective-C ones.

So here’s my presentation. My slides are online, too. Please send any feedback you’ve got!

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