Ugh 2017

Last week I visited Canada and while I was outside the country, shit went down. An Executive Order was signed that limited refugees and immigration, and US Customs acted arbitrarily towards people entering the country. I was afraid that I’d be turned away at the border because I’m a foreigner and because I disagree with the current Administration. Even though I’ve called New York my home for two years.

I made it over without a problem, but I was still afraid. I protected my Twitter account and stopped tweeting things I thought would agitate border agents. I was scared.


People died after being turned away from the border, but all I suffered was a small panic attack. I’ve lost an Ativan while others have lost their dreams, or their lives. I feel guilty even contemplating how bad I have it because I know others have it far, far worse.

2017 sucks. But I saw something the other day that profoundly changed my outlook on things, and my view of myself in this political climate.

I’m going to keep working, keep volunteering in New York to help others, and keep writing for myself. This is the only life I’ll ever have and I refuse to spend it in fear.

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