UX Doesn't Exist

I went to the FITC Screens Sneak Peek event tonight. It was as much out of interest in mobile design and development as it was research for the presentation I’m giving at the conference in two weeks (omg - only two weeks! Ugh!).

I really enjoyed all the presentations, but the last one appealed to me the most, as I’m sure it appealed to the wide audience in attendance.

The presentation, of which I only saw an abridged version, is titled UX Doesn’t Exist by Kurt Krumme. The thesis touches largely on my presentation at Screens, the story behind the 500px iPad app.

Designers, developers, hell, even the occasional manager, are all essential to making something really outstanding. I can’t imagine going back to a waterfall development methodology.

It’s a fantastic presentation and I really recommend you give it a watch.

Be sure to pick up a ticket to Screens and come see my talk!

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